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November 11th 2013 / Milan, Italy / Marc Goller

Berlin: the new breeding ground for Europe’s youth.

For most of people Berlin is best known for its big historic background: for its many museums, famous architectural buildings (like the Brandenburger Tor - the opera house, theaters, the Kuhdamm (cow dam) and the famous shopping street. Not to mention the " Berliners"(people from Berlin), known for their senses of humor and for being quick to give a witty answer. Berlin gives the Big Apple a run for its money when it comes to the accolade, ‘The City That Never Sleeps’. Look in the right corners and Germany’s capital offers plenty of opportunities for round-the-clock partying. After the opening of the Wall in the 90´s, a lot of empty fabrics and offices in East Berlin have been transformed and renovated into fantastic underground clubs. The former Eastern bloc slum has undergone a wonderful renaissance, meaning that whilst it has retained a few characteristic rough edges it also boasts top venues such as King Kong Klub, Kaffee Burger and Weekend to name a few, but others like Tresor, E-Werk, WMF and Cookies can be found in the area of Mitte.

Beside its exciting and vivid nightlife, Berlin is also becoming an internationally recognized city of style full of hot young designers. Berlin's fashion scene has a very long tradition. It was already enigmatic and glamorous at the beginning of the 20th century, having its French neighbors as reference, but World War II destroyed this culture and Berlin, as a divided city, did not rebound from the blow. That finally changed in 1989. The fall of the Berlin Wall strengthened the city's arts, which in turn reproduced the modern, sizzling, creative fashion scene.  

Berlin is not only the heart of contemporary Europe, but also an instigator of new social trends, with its eclectic fashion youth and peacocking hipsters. This boom in creativity has led relevant trend focuses and new magazines to stalk the city. One cannot scroll through WWD, Stylesight, WGSN without noticing Berlin streetstyle shots. 032c, Juergen Teller, and Jil Sander typify the new feel of Berlin’s minimal-meets-surreal aesthetic. Events like Berlin Fashion Week attract thousands of industry elite. As a result, Berlin is not just a place where fashion is created, but also a place where it is vigorously bought and sold.

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